About X-Fest

1 exotic escape. 4 days of transformative connection. And a global tribe of Superhumanitarians uniting as one.

Sean with the X-Fest participants at X-Fest Singapore 2023.

Hey, Sean here - founder of Next Level...

I’m currently soaking up the transformative energy on a fitness retreat in Bali…

This year, I'm inspired to take our journey of personal transformation to a new level, one that not only enriches us but also the world around us. 

Here's the heart of it:

In these rapidly changing times, with AI and crypto evolving at an unprecedented pace and the stock market reaching new highs, the opportunities for growth are immense. 

Yet, this era of swift change can be a double-edged sword—immensely rewarding for some, yet overwhelmingly chaotic for others.

To navigate these waters, I'm excited to announce an Inner Circle Experience like no other, bringing together some of my most esteemed mentors to share their wisdom.

Our mission for X-Fest 2024 is to unite more Superhumanitarians than ever before, fostering connections, growth, and learning in ways we've only dreamed of.

This mastermind will be held in Phuket from 22 November 2024 to 25 November 2024.

We're stepping beyond our comfort zones overseas, because true growth and impactful experiences are born in unfamiliar territories.

You'll find yourself among an extraordinary community of change-makers and visionaries from diverse industries looking to grow together – AI, crypto, property, online business, or stocks.

But this year, there's a deeper dimension to X-Fest. 

It's not just about building wealth; it's about giving wealth. Spreading the wealth that we've been fortunate enough to accumulate. 

That's why I'm introducing two essential criteria for joining us at X-Fest 2024:

That's why I'm introducing two essential criteria for joining us at X-Fest 2024:

Sean with the X-Fest participants at X-Fest Bali 2022

1. To ensure that our community is composed of individuals who are truly committed to their growth, we ask that you have generated five figures from any combination of investing, property, online business, etc.

2. Each participant is encouraged to donate $1,000 to a charity of their choice. It's our way of giving back, of ensuring that our journey towards wealth creation also contributes to the well-being of others.

X-Fest 2024 isn't just an event; it's a commitment to not only elevate ourselves but to uplift others along the way. If you're ready to level up in every aspect of your life and make a meaningful impact on the world, X-Fest is where you need to be.

Let's grow, give, and transform together.

Looking forward to welcoming you to Phuket.

Together Next Level,
Sean Seah
Founder of Next Level Academy